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What we do

Speak to Sparkle Speech Pathologists are trained to assess, diagnose, and provide therapy for children who may experience communication and/or swallowing difficulties.

These difficulties can be in relation to language, speech sounds/articulation, social skills, expressive language (speaking), comprehension (listening), reading, stuttering (fluency) and even voice use.

What areas of concern can a Speech Pathologist help with:

Expressive Language
Pragmatic Language
Stuttering or Fluency
Feeding and swallowing
Receptive Language

What Speak to Sparkle can do for you

At Speak to Sparkle Speech Pathology, we understand that every child is unique and diverse. We are here to provide a tailored service and support to your child’s communication needs.

Our Certified Practicing Speech Pathologists are holistic in collaborating with those involved in your child’s life in order to adapt and implement individualised evidence-based goals and/or therapy for your child and family.

A little girl using her cognative skills to put shapes into a canister. Speak to Sparkle supports children to learn and thrive.

What Our Clients Say

Shakila showed me different games and activities to do at home that would help my daughter achieve her speech goals. She showed me ways to use these practices in everyday tasks.

I now feel very confident in my daughter’s ability to grasp the concepts of speaking and understanding. Shakila, I wish you great success in the future. You are exceptionally wonderful at what you do; that I know without a doubt that your business will be successful.