Our Certified Practicing Speech Pathologists are dedicated to empowering children and families with communication skills that nurture learning and encourage children to participate in their everyday environments.

We provide mobile services in the community (e.g. Childcare, Preschool, Kindergarten, School etc) and telehealth services.

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Service Types

At Speak to Sparkle Speech Pathology, we provide evidence-based assessment (informal and standardised) and therapy services to children aged 0-16. We ensure they are tailored to each child’s specific needs. Learn about each of these services below:

Initial Consultation – 1hr (not including report):

  • The Speech Pathologist will conduct a comprehensive case history that will identify the main concerns regarding your child’s communication.
  • All relevant documents and/or reports from other professionals (e.g. GP, Paediatrician, allied health therapists, teachers, etc) will be reviewed.
  • Depending on what is required/appropriate, your child will undergo an informal or formal (standardised) assessment. This will be chosen based on your child’s needs and explained by your Speech Pathologist as to which assessment type is necessary.
  • Further costs will be explained if requiring standardised assessment and the number of sessions required to complete this.
  • An observation of your child’s communication skills may be required where the Speech Pathologist will observe parent/child interactions. Information collected will be compared to developmental norms and stages of child development.
  • Towards the end of the initial consultation, the Speech Pathologist will explain how your child presented and will provide suggestions for further assessment or ongoing therapy if required.
  • Once the initial consultation is complete, the Speech Pathologist can provide a summary report and individualised therapy goals will be set to be targeted in future therapy sessions. Cost of a summary report to be discussed with Speech Pathologist.

Communication assessment – 1hr (not including report):

  • A comprehensive standardised assessment will be conducted. Multiple appointments may be required (depending on your child’s specific needs) and will be discussed with the Speech Pathologist in the initial consultation appointment.
  • Cost of a detailed report to be discussed with Speech Pathologist.

Ongoing therapy sessions:

  • Your Speech Pathologist will discuss how often (e.g weekly/fortnightly sessions) and how long (e.g 30 minutes or 1 hour) depending on your child’s specific goals/needs.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

  • At Speak to Sparkle Speech Pathology, we provide services to clients who are plan-managed or self-managed in accordance with NDIS price guidelines. Please note – travel charges apply according to the NDIS rate.

Medicare Referral – Chronic Disease Management Plan

  • At Speak to Sparkle Speech Pathology, we provide services to clients who are being managed by their General Practitioner under a Chronic Disease Management (CDM).
  • The General Practitioner nominates the number of services (sessions) up to a maximum of 5 per client per calendar year for rebates for speech pathology service.