Our Certified Practising Speech Pathologists are committed to equipping children and their families with communication skills that foster learning and enable children to engage in their daily surroundings.

We offer mobile services within the community, such as in childcare centres, preschools, kindergartens, schools, as well as telehealth services.

Our services have currently expanded and we are offering limited in clinic sessions in Mulgrave, VIC.

Service Types

Speak to Sparkle Speech Pathology offers evidence-based assessment (both informal and standardised) and therapy services for children aged between 0 and 17. We ensure that these services are customised to meet each child’s unique needs. You can find more information about each of these services below:

Initial Consultation

The Speech Pathologist will carry out a thorough case history to pinpoint the primary concerns about your child’s communication. They will review all relevant documents and/or reports from other professionals, such as GPs, Paediatricians, allied health therapists, teachers, etc.

Your child will undergo either an informal or formal (standardised) assessment, depending on what is deemed necessary or suitable. The choice of assessment will be based on your child’s needs and the Speech Pathologist will explain why a particular type of assessment is required. If a standardised assessment is needed, the Speech Pathologist will discuss any additional costs and the number of sessions required to complete it.

The Speech Pathologist may need to observe your child’s communication skills, which could involve observing interactions between you and your child or at their Childcare, Kindergarten or School. The information gathered will be compared to developmental norms and stages of child development.

Towards the conclusion of the initial consultation, the Speech Pathologist will work with you to develop goals and explain assessment findings or suggest further assessment or ongoing therapy if needed.

Communication assessment

A thorough standardised assessment will be carried out. Depending on your child’s specific needs, multiple appointments may be necessary, and this will be discussed with the Speech Pathologist during the initial consultation appointment. The cost of a detailed report will also be discussed with the Speech Pathologist.


The Speech Pathologist will discuss the frequency (for example, weekly or fortnightly sessions) and duration (for example, 30 minutes or 1 hour) of the sessions, based on your child’s specific goals and needs.

A child has their hand on an abacus. The abacus is blue, red, cream, green and yellow.


We offer several group programs for children. These have incorporated to support positive social interactions with like peers.

Follow us on socials to stay updated for upcoming programs.

Allied Health Assistant Program

Allied Health Assistants (AHA) operate under the direct guidance and supervision of our Speech Pathologists. They assist our clients by executing a therapy plan prescribed by a Speech Pathologist. They are either Speech Pathologists in training or hold a certificate level qualification in Allied Health Assistance, making them well-equipped to support your child in achieving their goals.

The benefits of Allied Health Assistants include:

  • They are more cost-effective than a fully certified therapist, making them an excellent resource for families with budget constraints.
  • They can provide additional sessions each week for families who need more frequent and intensive therapy support.
  • They can provide support while you are on a waitlist for Speech Therapy. This means you can consult an AHA in the meantime to ensure you receive support while waiting for services, preventing loss of valuable learning time.

Training and Information Sessions for Parents and Educators

Our Speech Pathologists visit Daycares, Childcares, Kindergartens and Schools to provide insight, advice and mentoring to Educators and Teachers around positive support of communication in children. With some attention on ways to identify risk factors, how to minimise risk and support families from a developmental and therapy perspective as well. 

We offer training and information sessions for parents and professionals alike.

Our Hanen More Than Words and It Takes Two to Talk program is a big hit amongst parents who are wanting learn on how they communicate, support and interact with their child to encourage speech and language development and social connections.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

At Speak to Sparkle Speech Pathology, we offer services to clients who are either plan-managed or self-managed, in line with the NDIS price guidelines. Please be aware that travel charges are applicable at the NDIS rate.

Medicare Referral: Chronic Disease Management Plan

At Speak to Sparkle Speech Pathology, we cater to clients who are managed by their General Practitioner under a Chronic Disease Management (CDM) plan. The General Practitioner determines the number of services (sessions), with a maximum of 5 per client per calendar year, for which rebates for speech pathology service can be claimed.